To support our Resilient Energy approach and current projects please send an email to  Please provide contact details/area of residence and either the individual project supported or "Support For All Resilient Energy Community Scale Projects." 

We will also run simple supporter surveys from time to time and will keep you informed if you provide an email address. 

The Resilient Energy approach is a new community based model that is attracting positive national attention. All of us use energy and every form of energy generation will have some impact.  We take forward only projects at a scale and location where impacts are minimised.

A recent independent MORI poll commissioned by Renewables UK found that 66% per cent of the UK public were either "strongly in favour of" or "tended to favour" the technology, against just 8% who were opposed.  Two-thirds of those questioned also found turbines' impacts on the landscape acceptable.

When asked why they approved of wind power, a majority of respondents said it helps curb greenhouse gas emissions, helps tackle climate change, and contributes to the UK's energy security. All good reasons to support an application. 

The Resilient Energy approach also delivers meaningful local economic benefits through both direct community donations (at around 8 times the latest government recommendations) and through a commitment to providing local community investment opportunities in each community scale project developed. Please register your support today and help to make a positive difference for the future

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